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Evaluate a domain's or IP address reputation based on numerous security data sources as well as on an instant host's audit procedure. For a given domain name or IP address, collect and evaluate over hundreds of parameters and calculate the resulting reputation score.

Making requests


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Input parameters: required

Get your personal API KEY on My products page.
The target domain name or IPv4 address.

Input parameters: optional

API can check your domain in 2 modes: 'fast' - some heavy tests and data collectors will be disabled. 'full' - all the data and the tests will be processed.

Acceptable values: fast (1 credit) | full (3 credits)

Default: fast
Response output format.

Acceptable values: JSON | XML

Default: JSON

Free access

After Sign Up you automatically get a free subscription plan limited to 100 queries per month.

Sample output

   "reputationScore": 84.07,
   "testResults": [
         "test": "WHOIS Domain check",
         "warnings": [
            "Owner details are publicly available"
         "test": "Malware databases check",
         "warnings": [
            "Listed on StopForumSpam"
         "test": "SSL certificate validity",
         "warnings": [
            "Recently obtained certificate, valid from  2019-03-01 09:43:57"
         "test": "SSL vulnerabilities",
         "warnings": [
            "HPKP headers not set",
            "HTTP Strict Transport Security not set",
            "Heartbeat extension disabled",
            "TLSA record not configured or configured wrong",
            "OCSP stapling not configured"
       <test>WHOIS Domain check</test>
         <warning>Owner details are publicly available</warning>
       <test>Malware databases check</test>
         <warning>Listed on StopForumSpam</warning>
       <test>SSL certificate validity</test>
         <warning>Recently obtained certificate, valid from  2019-03-01 09:43:57</warning>
       <test>SSL vulnerabilities</test>
         <warning>HPKP headers not set</warning>
         <warning>HTTP Strict Transport Security not set</warning>
         <warning>Heartbeat extension disabled</warning>
         <warning>TLSA record not configured or configured wrong</warning>
         <warning>OCSP stapling not configured</warning>
Composite safety score based on numerous security data sources. 0 is dangerous, and 100 is safe.

The test name which reduced the final score. By now, the following tests are available:

  • Open ports and services
  • WHOIS Domain check
  • WHOIS Domain status
  • Host configuration issues
  • Mail servers response
  • Malware databases check
  • Mail servers configuration check
  • WHOIS and DNS name servers match
  • Name servers response
  • Name servers configuration check
  • Name servers configuration meets best practices
  • Potentially dangerous content
  • Mail servers Real-time blackhole check
  • Mail servers Reverse IP addresses match
  • SOA record configuration check
  • SSL certificate validity
  • SSL vulnerabilities
The list of warnings detected during the test execution.

Account balance information

Required. Get your personal API KEY on My products page.
Optional. A list of the products' IDs can be found in the response.

- You can always check your account balance on the My products page. - Note that the following products use the same WHOIS credits: WHOIS API, Bulk WHOIS API, Domain Availability API. - Note that the following products use the same Domain Research Suite credits: Brand Alert API, Registrant Alert API, Reverse WHOIS API, WHOIS History API, Reverse IP/DNS API, Reverse MX API, Reverse NS API.
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